The APELSO TRUST Zrt is an independent trust company licenced by the Hungarian National Bank (MNB), whose services cover the entire spectrum of wealth planning and trustee services (license reg. nr.: H-EN-III-76/2018). We are the first multi-family office service provider in Hungary and with decades of business & legal experience, our team helps high net-worth individuals and their families plan and manage all kinds of assets. In order to fully serve our clients, we also run the Antall & Illés Law Firm, which focuses on corporate, family and business law. The high quality of our services is underpinned by the professional background and business reputation of our specialists, as well as by our consistent adherence to international standards.


With decades of legal and business expertise, our mission is to support high net worth individuals, families and related corporates to help preserve and grow their wealth by exercising solid, high-quality and consequent trustee, legal and business services.


Hungarian Trust

A Hungarian Trust, whether revocable or irrevocable, offers full and unchallengeable legal protection for the trust fund against the future or subsequent claims of spouses, creditors, heirs etc. of the settlor and the beneficiaries.

Hungarian Holding

Hungarian holdings offer internationally competitive tax and asset structuring benefits. Amongst others; there is no withholding tax on dividends and – when meeting the required conditions – no capital gains tax shall be paid on sales proceeds.


Apelso provides its clients a variety of fiduciary services, which includes corporate secretary and registered office services, accounting and tax consulting.

Family Office

We provide 360-degree FO services to resident families and also offer partial FO services to non-resident families.

Why Hungary?

Hungary has an investor-friendly environment due to fast company establishment, smooth and electronic administrative procedures and a developed business law​ while the rule of law remains protected through constitutional and judicial oversight of statutes and administrative decisions.